How to Write an Instagram Bio

Hey, Jesse here. Today I want to talk about the importance of your Instagram bio and how to craft one that will further the effectiveness of your social media strategy.

Most business pages on Instagram pay little attention to their accounts bio, but it is crucial to optimize because it is a huge part of a potential follower or customers first impression.

Your Instagram bio needs to convey what your business is about and quick. You might want to consider focusing your bio on how your business helps or adds value to its customers. This helps people quickly understand how your business can help them and give them that extra incentive to hit follow.

After putting some time into that, next up is the name field. Most people either put their handle or business name here, which is the logical move. However, this field is actually searchable within Instagram. If your business name is the same as or really close to your Instagram handle, then this is a wasted opportunity! To fully optimize your bio, you can strategically put keywords here that potential followers might be searching for. For example take a look at @revivewashing, they do a great job at using this strategy.

Someone looking for gutter cleaning and window washing services might not immediately think or come across Revive Washing, but they might find them if they put “Window & Gutter Cleaning” as their searchable name instead. It is important to think about what your potential customers might be searching for when establishing your brand. Implementing highly relevant keywords will make you easier to find and save people time.

Another great way to establish your company with your bio is to add clickable usernames or hashtags.

For mentioning usernames, this is great if you have a connected company or branch because it can establish legitimacy or direct current followers to your new page. For example, a large company like @adidas can create a page specifically for it’s snowboarding gear named @adidassnowboarding and mention each other in their respective bios. It’s also a great way to mention who founded the company if you want to add a really personal connection to anyone who sees your business page and vice-versa for your personal page.

For mentioning hashtags, they are a great way to showcase your brand hashtag or even highly relevant hashtags. Unfortunately, they are not searchable like the name field and profiles don’t show up when you search hashtags, but people can still click them and view the content associated with the hashtag. This is still great because if you have a highly used hashtag you can showcase that or if you have a campaign hashtag that is used a lot you can showcase that as well to potential customers/followers.

The next tip would be to fully optimize and think through that oh so exclusive “link in bio.” Unfortunately, everyone is only allowed to share one link in their Instagram bio. However, this is probably best because it really forces you to make sure that the link is optimized. Most people link their main website homepage, which is a safe bet, but there are more ways to get creative. You can use the last line in the bio to add a call to action or description for the link. For example, the @garibaldiatsquamish page uses their bio to direct people to click their link and fill out a survey.

This is only one example of this method but is easily adapted to fit your exact needs. Maybe you are running a giveaway where people need to enter on your website? You would definitely want new people who come across your profile to know what that link is by mentioning the giveaway and directing people to click.

Lastly, while not technically a part of your bio, using Story Highlights in a creative way can really add to the experience of somebody checking out your page. For example, take a look at @ergogenics, they have a bunch of story highlights that help you quickly understand who they are and what they offer through their highlights.

You can see they display what products they offer, smoothie recipes, fun lifestyle content from influencers, events they are a part of, and more. This is great because it lets someone know that they are active, engaging, and a page worth following because they are providing value right off the bat.

With all these tips behind us, you can now see that there might be a bit more than you originally thought to your Instagram bio. Utilizing every feature that Instagram offers to fully engage and sell people on following your page is not that hard, it just takes a little extra effort and thought to do well.

Take these tips and go improve your business’ Instagram bio today.

If you have any questions or want to connect you can find us at @tothmedia on social or on our contact page.