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White Rock Sea Tours


Content Creation · Digital Advertising · Social Management

The Problem

White Rock Sea Tours was a local start up that had been in business less than a year. Captain and owner Andrew spent most of his time at the White Rock Pier selling tours on a face to face basis and through signage at the physical location. The biggest issue was marketing a unique service to the right people, with so many other whale watching and eco tour companies on the market. Another issue was the fact that WRST was outside of Vancouver, where the majority of tour companies are. This led most searchers to search ‘Vancouver Whale Watching’ as a top keyword, and not to search for ‘White Rock Whale Watching’. Social Media feeds were used inconsistently and no professional content was created and used effectively to grow a strong local following.

The Solution

We created a fully comprehensive plan for White Rock Sea Tours digital branding and advertising. This plan included photo and video content creation, Social Media Management, Website Maintenance, Weekly blogging, SEO, Facebook ads, and Influencer Management. We began by posting 7 days a week on Facebook and Instagram with archived content as well as new content we created on weekly tours. We then created a 60 second brand video that utilized cinematic editing and adventurous shots of tour go-ers. This video was launched on Facebook, Instagram and website and received over 10,000 organic views in the first week. We optimized SEO, Wrote engaging blog posts, and invited social influencers on the tours so we could market to their audiences. Lastly, we created a Facebook ad campaign that was a huge breakthrough in driving revenue.

Brand Video

We created a cinematic edit that encapsulated the brand in 60 seconds of video. The goal was to engage the audience by doing something different than the traditional eco-tour info video. Instead we made a badass edit that turned heads on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Our Facebook ad campaign sent targeted consumers directly to the book online page of the website. Our ads drove 55% of all website traffic for the year and we have achieved a $.14 cost per click.

We ran multiple ads through our optimization framework to ensure optimal results such as:

  • 86,769 video views
  • 1,076,051 total impressions
  • 26,806 clicks to the website
  • 100+ on site message inquiries

Social Media Growth

We created a content calendar for White Rock Sea Tours that grew a targeted reach on social media. Our team developed a branded aesthetic across Instagram and Facebook and also drove in leads through specific targeting and community engagement. We posted 7 days a week on both platforms and used engaging photo and video content combined with direct CTA’s to book online. We took advantage of well performing video posts by boosting them to a broader audience for $0.001 cost per engagement, which sent even more customers to the website.

Over the first quarter we produced significant growth on both channels:

  • Grown over 1700+ followers on Instagram in 6 months
  • Increased Instagram engagement from 8-20% (20 likes per 100 followers)
  • Hosted 7 influencers aboard with over 100,000 total following
  • Created highlight videos of trips that received 116k views on Facebook (a 385% increase from previous quarter)
  • 150 new Facebook page ‘follows’