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What is a Lead Magnet?


Hi, my name is Ryan and I am in charge in overseeing digital advertising here at Toth Media.

If you have been marketing your business for some time you have probably come across the term ‘lead magnet’ or have heard other people talking about it. This quick article will discuss what they are and why you would use them.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a piece of content that appears valuable enough to a person that they are willing to exchange their contact information for it. Usually companies will run it as an ad to cold traffic. For example, if you have been researching kitchen renovations online, odds are you may have been served an ad for a lead magnet such as “The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Kitchen” or “Everything You Have to Know When Renovating Your Kitchen” or something along those lines.

While I am writing this article, I opened up Facebook to see how quickly I could find a lead magnet. It was the 2nd ad I was shown. They are definitely effective. I have downloaded quite a few in my lifetime.

The Purpose of a Lead Magnet

From there, you now have a lead that has provided their information. Great! But now what? Most likely, you have downloaded a lead magnet before. You then probably have been placed on an email sequence/nurture campaign to provide you with more information and try to convert a sale of some sort.

We love simple email follow ups. I always recommend doing a simple email that appears just like a normal quick email you would send to anybody else. You can automate this entire process. We are releasing our guide to this soon. So stay tuned to our blog for that!