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Braedin Toth – Creative Director

Braedin is an experienced photographer and videographer who specializes in social platform engagement and brand management. He has been successful in exponentially increasing the engagement of several outdoor brands through his creative storytelling. Braedin spends most of his time travelling throughout Canada and the US, curating content for various social media channels and connecting with other influencers.

Ryan Magdanz – Managing Director

Ryan is a Simon Fraser University Graduate with a BBA in Marketing and experience in project management and product development. He specializes in developing integrated marketing campaigns, which utilize various channels to reach a targeted audience. Ryan also spends a large amount of time curating content and connecting with clients 1 on 1. He’s passionate about building teams that can take on unique challenges and goals.

Jesse Finkle – Graphic Artist & Social Media Manager

Jesse is a graduate from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Communication and Graphic Design. He has spent two years in large corporations creating ads, managing social accounts, and designing branded campaigns. Jesse is also an exceptional writer with the ability to create engaging blog and social posts.

Ryan Barbieri – Digital Advertising
Madison Magdanz – Photographer
Marco Calara – Photographer & Videographer