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Toth Media Is More Than A Marketing Agency

Whether it's an outdoor brand, food, fashion, or real estate, our focus is always on telling your story in a creative and sharable way. Content is king, and we produce content that people actually want to engage with. We don't create ads, we tell stories.


Community management

Social platforms offer one of the quickest and largest ways to engage with an array of consumers all at once. We know how to communicate with these audiences and story tell effectively, increasing overall online engagement through a multitude of social media growth strategies and techniques. We create all the content needed and schedule posts in a calendar so that your team has time to focus on building your business.

Creative Productions

There are two things we are always doing: creating and exploring. We are able to produce authentic, engaging content because adventuring and crafting experiences are what we enjoy the most. We have the artistic passion and know-how to be effective, real, and connected to audiences through creative visual storytelling. Whether its a single photo shoot, or a larger video production, Our creative team has you covered.

Digital Advertising

If you aren’t utilizing Facebook & Google ads, you are missing out. We couple engaging Facebook video ads with razor-sharp Adwords targeting and retargeting methods. It's the one-two punch of internet lead generation and it simply works. Our processes ensure that we reach the right customers and A/B split testing each ad campaign gives us the best performing ads to lower the overall cost-per-click and drive sales.

Influencer Marketing & PR

We develop strategies that ensure the content we have created will be seen by the right people. A combination of creative content, collaborations, and the power of the Facebook snowball effect allows us to create affordable and rapid growth. We leverage our relationships in the influencer community to put your brand in the hands of right-fit creators with massive followings in markets that you have an interest in reaching.


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