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Sea to Sky Field Trip

Sea to Sky Field Trip

Content Creation · Influencer Marketing

What’s a Field Trip?

White Rock Sea Tours was a local start up that had been in business less than a year. Captain and owner Andrew spent most of his time at the White Rock Pier selling tours on a face to face basis and through signage at the physical location.

The Location

We are so lucky to live so close to places like Squamish and Whistler. A world renowned ski resort and the recreation capital of Canada! It doesn’t get much better. Whistler has no shortage of summer activities and Squamish is literally an adventurers wonderland. We frequent these places so it made sense to get some friends together and go on a mini road trip!

The Brands

We worked with Tourism Whistler and Tourism Squamish on this trip. Our influencers interacted with multiple tourism assets on the trip and promoted local attractions. Needless to say we had a blast, no wonder people say our job sounds like a vacation… The tourism brands included; Canadian Outback Rafting, Backcountry Brewing, Coast Mountain Brewing, Sea To Sky Gondola, Sea To Sky Adventure Co, Norman Rudy’s, Executive Suites Hotel & Resort, and The Mountain Skills Academy.

The Team

With a total reach over 650,000 our team of adventurers felt at home while paddling, climbing, and hiking their way through the Sea To Sky. A team with a range of different styles allowed us to reach different niches within the adventure travel market and maximize the buzz. We love trips like these because they allow us to support great creators financially, while also giving them space to create their own content along the way.

Instagram Stories

We created cinematic Instagram stories for the entire team to post. With a total reach of 650,000 each story collectively received 65,000 views. By having a team of creators posting the same content all at once we were able to create hype around each location we visited and expand our reach into different niches.

Account Takeover

We executed an account take over for @TourismSquamish during our time there. Our focus was on providing them with great content, while also having our influencers direct attention to the feed. We were able to grow their page by 600 followers in just 3 days. Our posts on their feed reached record numbers receiving 60K+ impressions and 5500 post engagements.

Highlight Reels

Our team created trip highlight videos for each tourism board to use across their social channels. We focused on highlighting the natural beauty of each region, while keeping the videos short and attention grabbing for social feeds.