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Working with us means you get an entire team of marketing professionals posting and creating everything needed to grow your social accounts every month.

Or you could hire an unqualified intern to do it at the same price...




Toth Media started with a group of adventurers and social media influencers. We had grown our own social pages into the tens of thousands by executing only a small number of disciplines with excellence. If you were to ask us for the short explanation, we would tell you that it all comes down to 2 things: Content, and Consistency (The 2 C's). We would go out and create content every single week, and post almost every single day; sometimes twice a day. This consistency led to exponential social growth on our accounts (don't believe me? Check out @Braedin). We now use the skills that we learned growing our personal accounts and apply them to the multiple businesses that we partner with.


Our goal is to provide a service that allows you to focus on growing your business without wasting time on social media posts that go nowhere. In todays busy social world it takes a lot more that a simple Iphone photo to reach the potential customers that you actually want to connect with. Our comprehensive approach starts with a discovery session in which our team learns all there is to know about your brand and the story you are trying to tell your target audience.

Some major things we consider when scheduling posts and planning content are:

  • What are the most important brand attributes?

  • Who is our target market?

  • What kind of feed aesthetic will we plan for on Instagram?

  • How will we use Facebook and Instagram to show off different aspects of the brand?

  • What content can we produce that will have viral potential?

  • How will we determine who are top fans are and get them more engaged?

After answering these questions we create a content calendar using, in which we start to plan consistent social posts for the month. Our social team creates posts that focus on asking fun questions, directing customers to the website, alerting people of sales and promotions, and telling brand stories. Meanwhile our creative is busy producing the content that is needed to continually post each week. This content includes anything from product photography, short videos, cinema-graphs, lifestyle shoots, hikes, infographics, & more. 

The Goal

The most important thing to us at the end of the day is to tell your story in the most effective, real, and visual way possible. We set out to help businesses do social right so that they don't waste their time, money, and energy on growing an ineffective page that reaches the wrong people. The long term goals that we have for every client would be that they would develop a large loyal following, and increase their long term sales through increased traffic from social.