Get More Real Estate Leads (An Introduction)

When it comes to building real estate, home-buyer leads are the lifeblood of any development company’s sales process. Depending on where the market cycle is, leads can be abundant or scarce, but in either case the competition is fierce as buyers have many options when purchasing a new home. Below I outline a simple 3 step process for setting up a lead generation and nurturing campaign using Facebook/Instagram ads and email marketing. 

Step 1: Set up a lead capture campaign on Facebook Ads Manager (6 months before sales begin)

The first thing we do with our clients is set up a lead generation campaign on Facebook using renderings and information provided by the developer. This campaign is usually simple and straight-forward, and focuses on capturing interested prospects in a lead capture form right inside Facebook. We target multiple demographics of people to ensure we find the right combination of creative and targeting, and allow the Facebook algorithm to do its job. We focus on a few different groupings such as location, For example in a recent campaign our targeting looked something like this:

Total ad sets (targeting groups):

  1. City 1
  2. City 2
  3. City 3
  4. City 4
  5. Young Families
  6. Blanket Targeting (All)
  7. Real estate interest

Our best targeting results came from targeting Young Families looking for townhomes.

This campaign has run for about 6 months, generating 1000 leads at ~$5.50/lead. Now this client has 1000 potential buyers that they can work on to get purchases before their development is even finished!

Step 2: Create an email campaign that contacts leads monthly leading up to the sale of the units and completion of the development.

Generating a lead isn’t enough, and there can be a long period of time between when a lead comes in and when the development is ready to be sold. This means that it’s important that we continually work these leads throughout the development process. An easy way to do this at scale is to have an email marketing campaign set up that let’s the leads in our CRM know about upcoming milestones of the development. This might include price reduction deals, open houses, events, building updates, and other important information. Emails make it easy to keep your development at the top of mind of the home-buyer and gives them an opportunity to contact you.

Step 3: Run a brand awareness & traffic campaigns for events and open houses. 

Step 3 is done in bursts during live events such as community previews and open houses. In the weeks leading up to these events, Facebook & Instagram gives us a great way to reach a large number of targeted people to let them know about the event. For the same client as above we spent $350 and reached 16,000 targeted locals, letting them know about the special public preview event. This helped boost traffic at the event and create in person leads.

So there you have it – the simple 3 step process for generating more leads for your developments. It’s nothing too complicated, but it takes a process & knowledge of the ever-changing landscape of social media & digital ads – if you need any help give us a ring.