The Problem: Modula Racks is a North American distributor of high end, premium quality cargo boxes. Previously, the company had little to no online presence and there was a lack of branded imagery being shared across the social channels. One of the main struggles the company was facing was getting quality content in front of the eyes of potential local customers.

The Solution: Our plan was simple, go on a lot of road trips and bring Modula cargo boxes along for the ride. We created exceptional content along some of the best roads BC and Alberta has to offer. We utilized the content in a posting schedule and boosted Facebook posts out to locals based on interests and behaviours, achieving over 500,000 social impressions and boosting Modula to a top of mind brand for consumers in the Greater Vancouver area. We also utilized our connections in the social world and hooked up @JamesBarkman as well as the @AllAboutAdventure squad with a cargo box for their road trips. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 9.36.30 AM.png


  • Grown from 650 to 3800 followers in 12 months
  • received 40,112 likes in 2017
  • Created 4-5 posts per week featuring Modula Products on road trips and adventures.
  • 500,000+ total social impressions in 2017

PR REach

  • Featured on Tourism BC's social feeds
  • Featured on @JamesBarkman’s Insta-famous Westfalia Van. (100,000 following)
  • Featured on the @AllAboutAdventures Road trip to Alaska (150,000 following)


Content Creation

We created content for web and social use that focused on telling visual stories about travel and adventure, brining the the hashtag #LeaveNothingBehind to life. We also worked with social influencers and helped them share their stories of being on the road. Modula Racks has now explored 7 states and 2 provinces!


The Yukon

Tofino, BC

Banff National Park

Fraser Valley, BC