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How to Organize Footage

How We Organize Video & Photo Content At Toth Media

Today Braedin shares a bit about how he stores his photo and video after a shoot. At Toth Media, we are constantly creating new content and produces multiple GB’s on every shoot. To ensure we can access this content quickly and efficiently we have created a simple organization system that works well for our team.

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Preface: Cameras with dual SD Card Slots

Before we jump into organization, one thing Braedin mentions in this video is the importance of having dual SD card slots for any type of shooting for business. Before you can organize any footage you have to ensure you can get it onto that computer and saving to multiple cards ensures there won’t be any issues! Whether you’re shooting an incredible sunset scene for a client or shooting a wedding it’s great to dual record for safety and peace of mind

Use a Portable Hard Drive (We Use a DJI Lacie Boss)

Generally, the workflow for most creatives is to dump all the files from a shoot onto an external hard drive. This has been our approach in the past but our creative team has found an alternative that allows for the backing up of files without a laptop. Recently we purchased the 2TB DJI Lacie Boss, which allows for the automatic transfer of files with no computer in just 5 minutes. This drive is a game changer and we highly recommend it for it’s durability, transfer speeds, and convenience.

Transferring Files to a centralized system (Lacie 2BIG 20TB RAID)

When we get back to the office it’s time to centralize all of the new footage that was captured by transferring it to our 20TB Lacie 2BIG RAID. This hard drive is organized so that we can always access past footage and anyone from our team can plug in and gain access to what they need instantly.

File Organization

To get a full understanding of how we organize files, make sure to check out the video! Here’s a folder breakdown:

  1. Year
  2. Photo or Video
  3. Date and Location (Month First to ensure proper sorting)