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Hardbite Chips


Content Creation · Social Management · Public Relations

The Problem

Hardbite is a fast growing BC brand that is changing the way people think about chips. Their slogan “All potato, no couch” is a quick indicator of the market Hardbite is breaking into. It’s a chip for those who live an active lifestyle of hiking, running, and playing sports but also want a tasty, organic, home grown snack. Hardbite had previously leveraged print and radio, but looked to better utilize social media and online advertising. They had little to no social engagement and weren’t connecting to customers on a daily basis or building a strong social brand.

The Solution

We started a content plan that leveraged a healthy outdoor lifestyle and focused on the rich blues and greens of BC as a feed aesthetic. We visited some of BC’s top outdoor locations and utilized the amazing scenery of places like Golden Ears Park, and Joffre Lakes to grow a content library that popped with colour. We posted 4-5 times a week and wrote engaging copy with thoughtful questions and strong CTA’s for customers to check out the website or post their own content. Hardbites social following has grown by more than 1000%, which has allowed them to break into multiple markets and become a leader in the healthly snack industry.

Content Creation

Our Hardbite content focused on a few key brand elements: home grown, healthy lifestyle, west coast, and adventure. We hiked, drove, flew, swam, and camped while eating Hardbite chips and capturing real moments and telling true stories

Instagram Growth

  • Grew from 430 to 7,112 followers
  • Increased to and maintained a 10% engagement rate on average
  • Received 74,234 likes in 2016
  • Photos taken on multiple hikes around BC to build on the healthy lifestyle brand attribute
  • Branded aesthetic created on the Instagram feed

Post Reach & PR

  • Multiple posts have created thousands of impressions and community conversation
  • Featured by BC Magazine
  • Over 2500 user generated posts using the hashtag #hardbite & #hardbitechips
  • Photographed in the hands of the Bachelorette Canada (and thoroughly enjoyed)

Brand Events

  • We planned local events that attracted influencers with 350,000+ total reach
  • Hundreds of Instagram stories created and shared at the events
  • Created successful product photo contests
  • Created and shared highlight reels
  • Attendees created hundreds of Instagram stories featuring Hardbite