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Creative Productions


"There are two things we are always doing: creating and exploring. We are able to produce authentic, engaging content because adventuring and crafting experiences are what we enjoy the most."


Our Experience

Our team all started out in outdoor adventure photography and videography. We would basically always be hiking or road tripping and telling stories along the way. This helped us become professionals in content creation, but also content strategy and shoot planning. We have taken our storytelling abilities from the outdoor realm and now apply it to brands across multiple niches. Now it doesn’t matter what the product is; from snack brands, to real estate, to electronics, we just focus on telling a visual story.

What We Do

From one day photoshoots to video productions abroad, we do it all. We tell authentic stories about the important parts of your brand, and breath life into products so that they connect with the right audience. The process start with an in depth discussion and brainstorm on the product in focus. We ask the right questions and create a storyboard for the shoot so that we can be confident that we are capturing the important attributes of your company. During our creative process there are two things that we focus on tying together into the perfect combo of digital awesomeness. These two things are cinematic quality, and vitality. Basically, how can we create something that has cinematic quality, but also has the chance to go viral online? 


Our Goals

We know that our content is of the highest quality, and at this point hundreds of millions of people have viewed it on our pages and on @tothmedia. We are exctied to share our passion for adventure and storytelling with our clients, and create something beautiful. We would love to tell the world about who you are through engaging photo and video. It’s the lifeblood of who we are as a company and we promise that you will be stoked on the results.