3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Fake Instagram Followers & Engagement

Being an influencer, having a large platform, and having brands constantly sending you free products or paying you to promote them might be a dream you are after. Maybe you have been following the 2 C’s and haven’t seen the type of success you were hoping for. Maybe if you bought some likes or a few more followers that would get the ball rolling? DON’T. Below I will show you 3 reasons why fake followers and engagement won’t help you in the long run

1. Fake Likes are easy to see through

When all of a sudden your photos start to receive hundreds or thousands of more likes than usual, people notice. You might get away with the first one or two if people thought that your photo made it to the explore page of Instagram, but that’s it. People could easily also take a quick look at the accounts that are liking your posts and see that they are bots (accounts with no posts, profile, or activity).

2. Having Fake Followers will ruin your organic engagement

There are realistic standards when it comes to your accounts engagement. For example, if you are in the 1000 followers or below range you typically see about a 10% engagement rate (1 out of every 10 accounts that follow you like your posts). But the more followers you have this standard goes down. Fake followers throw all of this off because you are typically buying bot accounts that will never take action on your account after following you. This will HURT your organic engagement because of the algorithm that Instagram uses. The algorithm formula isn’t easily cracked, but one thing that is standard is how your content is shown. When you make a post, that post is shown to a fraction of your following and based on how they engage with your post, Instagram will show it to more of your followers. BUT if all of your followers are fake bots, then when Instagram shows your post to them, they won’t engage and therefore Instagram will not spread your post to more people. You can see this easily when you find an account that has a million followers, but only gets 100 likes per post.

3. Fake Likes and Followers Don’t Get Brand Deals

Having thousands of followers does not mean that brands will consider you for partnerships with their products. Influencer marketing strategies are getting smarter. People have learned that followings and platforms are easy to fake. Companies don’t want to waste their money on them because at the end of the day, fake followers don’t buy anything. A company can easily look at your account on social blade to see if you bought followers, they can see your engagement rate from looking at a couple posts, and they can see if all of your comments say, “great shot!” or “awesome!” Don’t be fooled, because brands aren’t being fooled anymore either.

There are more reasons to not buy fake followers and engagement, but these are 3 of the most important. Hopefully, this blog post will deter you from buying it, but if you have already bought fake followers or likes and you’re now worried. Watch out for our next blog post that will show you how to clean up your Instagram account and get your health score back up.

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Keep creating!

Jesse Finkle