The Truth Behind Posting on Facebook

The Truth Behind Posting on Facebook

Learning how to navigate Facebook can seem quite mysterious to most business owners. Constant updates, algorithm changes, new types of content and changing trends mean that you really have to keep your finger on the pulse to make sure your brand succeeds on Facebook.

A lot of businesses have been using Facebook as a purely organic platform for many years but as things have changed, businesses must now adapt to ensure their valuable lead generation and revenue streams from Facebook are not lost. 

How much of your audience really sees your post?

Facebook has widely been considered an excellent marketing tool because of the size of its audience - There are 19 million active users in Canada alone. With that being said, it's no secret that over the past few years Facebook's organic reach has dropped dramatically. Businesses that were once using Facebook as one of their primary revenue streams suddenly found that their organic posts were reaching and getting interaction with very few fans. Now on average facebook pages are seeing an organic reach of just 2.6%! 

Why has organic reach declined?

With over 60 million businesses now having Facebook pages, there is a high level of competition. Simply put, too much content is being posted, the more content posted every day the less chance you have of showing up in your customer's newsfeed.

Another key factor of the decline of organic reach is Facebook's algorithm changes. Facebook is trying to show users content that is most relevant to them, they are now prioritizing post from friends and family over those of business and media, with a focus on creating meaningful social interactions. These algorithm changes came at the beginning of 2018 and many companies are now starting to see it have an effect on their bottom line. Many businesses are now fearing that Facebook is becoming ever more a paid rather than an organic platform for them to communicate with their customers.

How can you beat this?

Okay, so that might all seem a bit doom and gloom - you're probably thinking ‘why should I even use a Facebook business page?’ Well, there is some good news, with a bit of effort and some savvy marketing you can do a lot to minimize the effect of these changes that have come to Facebook over the past few years.

Facebook is still an incredibly useful platform for reaching new audiences and again with your customers and there are a number of things you can do to boost your reach. Creating content that engages with your audience and adds value to their lives will ensure that Facebook will become (or continue to be) a great investment for your company. 

Build relationships with your customers

All brands with loyal followings have a common theme, they've built strong relationships with their fans.  71% of customers who have a good experience with social media service likely to recommend that brand to others.

 Sparking a dialogue with your fans is a surefire way to get better engagement on your posts. Asking questions to fans, taking polls and responding to comments all start a conversation and allow you to personally connect with your audience whilst also getting greater insight into what it is they want and need.

Use every opportunity you can to engage with your fans - people like to know that they’ve been heard. If your fan leaves a comment, respond to it, and do it quickly. No one wants to wait hours for a response, try to ensure that you always get back to your customers is less than 45 mins. Facebook also includes engagement with its algorithm, post that gains a lot of engagement quickly will end up with a much higher organic reach, being shown to more of your fans news feeds.

One thing to make sure you do not do in the quest for higher engagement is to write things like ‘like and share’ on your posts. Facebook identifies phrases like these as spam and it will have a detrimental effect on your posts reach. 

Create videos

Where Facebook is concerned video is King. If you're not already creating videos for your Facebook page now is the time to starts - your competitors are probably well ahead of you with this. Facebook has been prioritizing video over other types of content for a while now so if your reach has been decreasing video is an excellent way to boost it.  Facebook videos now receive 135% higher organic reach than photos.

If you want to boost engagement even further start doing live video session. Facebook Live Videos Are Watched 3x Longer Than Regular Videos, giving you a better chance of conveying your message to and building a relationship with your audience.  It's a really cost-effective strategy for boosting reach and engagement. Using Facebook live gives you completely unique content from which you see real-time engagement - this can be great for testing new content to see how well it will perform. 


Boosting allows you to promote your organic posts. It's not quite the same as facebook ads as ads don't need to be published to your page. You can set your own budget and the results you see will often be well worth the small fee you pay. Boosted posts appear higher up in users news feeds, giving your content a much greater chance of being seen. 

You don't need to boost every post but it if you have a piece of content that it doing well in terms of engagement a reach, boosting it will likely give you a higher ROI over posts with lower initial engagement. 

Even with all the bad press that Facebook's recent changes have got, if you are creating high-quality content and have an effective marketing strategy in place, it's likely that your reach is not going to decline and you can still take advantage of the massive audience to drive traffic to your website and convert customers. 

If you're struggling to engage with your audience on Facebook or would like to learn more about how Facebook posting can help you grow your business get in touch.