A Simple Formula to Social Media Growth (The 2 C’s)

We get asked all the time about how we’ve grown our social media accounts and established such a large following. Through trial and error and years of practice and progress, we’ve narrowed down our success to two simple steps: content and consistency.

If you apply these two C’s to your everyday social media practices, I guarantee you will see a growth in your audience base.


The term “content is king” as coined by Bill Gates, is highly applicable in today’s world of digital marketing. In a space so heavily saturated by countless forms of content, you need to be creating high quality, visually appealing and thought-provoking content. Despite what content medium you use, it needs to be content that is relevant and shareable for your niche. You need to make engaging, unique and powerful content that stands out and stops users from scrolling past it.

In turn, this dedication to putting out top-notch content increases traffic by leaving an impression on the user and encouraging them to further interact with the linked website or product.

It certainly takes time, effort, and a large dose of practice to implement this step. However, it is highly beneficial and a crucial part of online growth.

If you put a strong focus on creating the best possible content, without a doubt users will gravitate towards it and your social media following will increase.



Going hand in hand with the importance of creating unique and high-quality content, consistency is a vital part of making a successful online presence.

We’re working in such a fast-paced, high-demanding online industry that posting content a few times a week isn’t enough. To generate an engaging large audience base, there needs to be fresh content being produced on a continual basis.

Posting on Instagram at least once a day, twice if possible will yield the best results.

When you’re successful at implementing consistency into your social media practices, it enables you to grow your audience base, while keeping your existing followers engaged.


By properly applying the two C’s to your online profiles, they will help you increase your following and create a strong online presence, that is sure to impress users, clients, and customers.

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