The Facebook Snowball Effect

Reaching the people that you want to on Facebook isn't as easy as it used to be. As social media changes, platforms begin to monetize their business models. We are always working to adapt to changes in Facebook and Instagram and attempting to beat the system. Here is what it takes.

We shot a video for Camp Malibu, A Young Life Camp in the Princess Louisa Inlet of British Columbia. The video was a 100-second long cinematic edit and featured some beautiful BC views. The post reached 200,000 unique users and had 70K views with 654 shares. 

We were able to generate a massive reach from this video on Facebook with only $25. Why? Because short engaging videos are extremely shareable. Wait, did he just say engaging videos are shareable? You don't say! It may sound obvious, but brands aren't executing, and that's what it comes down to. Firms are sponsoring boring content and WASTING MONEY. 

When Facebook switched to a full out paid platform, people were upset, complaining that they wouldn't be able to reach their audience and that their time had been wasted. We need to observe it more as an opportunity, one that changes the playing field and provides opportunities to be better than the competition.

Short videos can be a way for brands to break through the frustrating Facebook algorithm. How many times have you posted a photo that received 27 impressions on a page with 3000 followers? When you combine a small sponsored boost to exceptional content, it gets it in front of targeted users who are more likely to enjoy your content and share it and potentially achieving a crazy ROI.

We continue to experiment with Facebook as a paid platform and continually learn how to push content out on a budget. It's crazy how far $10, $20, $30 can go when its put behind some awesome social media content. 

You can watch the full video below