The Problem: AO Coolers is a California based company that makes the 'ultimate soft sided cooler' for boating and off-roading. In business for over 20 years, they had not yet fully utilize social media and their competitors had a massive head start. Formerly relying on word of mouth and exposure through car and boat shows and conventions, AO needed branded content that would help them compete online with brands like Yeti and K2. 

The Solution: We focused our first few weeks of work on building a content library for social posting calendar. Our content was built around the lifestyle that AO customers live; fishing, boating, off-roading, hiking, etc. We posted 4-5 times per week on Instagram and Facebook and grew the page from 450 to 2650 followers in 6 months, while also increasing engagement by 400% on average. Our videos received over 10,000 views on Facebook and were used in multiple digital and social advertisements to reach the target market. We are excited to continue our work with AO as they launch their new Hybrid and Everest series coolers in 2018.


Digital Growth

  • Instagram page grew from 450 to 3300 followers in 12 months
  • Received 31,254 likes in 2017
  • Reached 100,000+ Facebook users with organic and boosted content
  • Achieved 200,000+ Instagram Impressions

Content Creation

Check out some of the content we have created for AO Coolers so far:

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port renfrew-1.jpg