Working With Influencers

Working with influencers is all the rage right now!

A few things We have learned while planning our influencer Field Trips at Toth Media

1. Bring them value.
We get countless requests from brands asking for free posts about their product. If you are going to offer a product in exchange for content/posts, make sure it's good! Hastings Overland gave us a decked out 2017 Jeep Wrangler for our Banff Field Trip. We we’re stoked to promote them because they brought value to the trip.

2. Find the right fit.
If I get one more request from a brand asking us to promote their new dish soap I’m going to lose my mind! Don’t waste your money on a post that is going to engage at .5% on an off-brand feed. Do your research and find the thought leaders in your target market. The better the fit, the better the ROI.

3. Look at engagement, not following.
We all know that guy who has 450,000 followers and gets 672 likes and 3 comments (one of them is them posting their hashtags). Then there are creators in specific niches with 9,200 followers that get 2,000 likes and 100 comments. They have built a following that actually ‘follows’ them. They probably tell good stories and can tell one about your brand.

Bring value + Find the right fit + Look for engagement. Anything I'm missing?


A Case Study: White Rock Sea Tours


A Case Study: White Rock Sea Tours

This summer we had the opportunity to work with White Rock Sea Tours. 

We created a badass cinematic edit for use across all channels.

We also shot a library of content for consistent social media posting.

We utilized the content in Facebook ads and optimized for CPC.

Our facebook ads sent users directly to the website to book their trip online.

The ads achieved a $.37 CPC. The ads reached 396,000 people.

The ads achieved a 2000% ROI - A $2,300 budget drove $46,000 in prepaid online bookings.

The ad increased site traffic by 2000% and was responsible for 57% of site traffic overall.

Great content + strong CTA's + split testing.

It works!


The Facebook Snowball Effect


The Facebook Snowball Effect

We shot a video for Camp Malibu, A Young Life Camp in the Princess Louisa Inlet of British Columbia. The video was an 100 second long cinematic edit, and featured some beautiful BC views. The post reached 200,000 unique users and had 70K views with 654 shares. 

We were able to generate a massive reach from this video on Facebook with only $25. Why? Because short engaging videos are extremely shareable. Wait, did he just say engaging videos are shareable? You don't say! It may sound obvious, but brands aren't executing, and that's what it comes down to. Firms are sponsoring boring content and WASTING MONEY. 

When Facebook switched to a full out paid platform, people we're upset, complaining that they wouldn't be able to reach their audience and that their time had been wasted. We need to observe it more as an opportunity, one that changes the playing field and provides opportunities to be better than the competition.

Short videos can be a way for brands to break through the frustrating Facebook algorithm. How many times have you posted a photo that received 27 impressions on a page with 3000 followers? When you combine a small sponsored boost to exceptional content, it gets it in front of targeted users who are more likely to enjoy your content and share it, and potentially achieving a crazy ROI.

We continue to experiment with Facebook as a paid platform and continually learn how to push content out on a budget. It's crazy how far $10, $20, $30 can go when its put behind some awesome content. 

You can watch the full video below